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Petra | Meet the nannies | St Anton Childcare & babysitting.

We are adding more & more nannies to our already fantastic team for this winter! We are really excited about the brilliant service we are going to be able to offer you throughout your time in the resorts.

Petra is one of our full time nannies that will be working with us in St Anton. She has a wealth of childcare experience particularly with younger children having worked in a kindergarten with predominantly 2-5 year olds since July 2015. Prior to that she also has experience caring for children 3-10 years old since 2010 as well as working as a soccer coach for 6 year olds during summer seasons. All this experience has meant she has provided us with two excellent references that you can read below. Petra describes herself as being a productive multitasker - always thinking several steps ahead. As well as her native language of Swedish she speaks fluent English as well as basic French. When she isn't working she has a keen interest in the outdoor and travelling and enjoys skiing & soccer.

'I have known Petra the last year, when she worked as a substitute teacher at my preschool. All the parents and children love Petra both as a person and teacher. She is responsible, solves times of conflict, create, play and learn with the children. Petra is not afraid to roll up her sleeves to work hard, she has an incredibly high work moral .Petra will be incredibly missed at the preschool by both teachers, children and parents. She really is a bundle of energy and joy. I wish Petra the best and hope she gets the work. Petra worked with us since April this year. Before that she work with us during 2015/2016. Petra still works with us at the preschool and she will do so until its time for her trip. Petra has the same responsibilities as the rest of us working at the preschool. She takes care of the kids gently and both the parents and kids love her. She is leading singing lessons and work daily with the kids and teaches theme writing, reading, playing and gaming. Her interacting with the kids is one of the best, she is always happy and the kids love playing with her. I never see any problem leaving Petra alone with the kids, she is responsible and both kids, coworkers and parents trust Petra 100%. All this time Petra has worked with us she never been late and only A few Times' been sick. You can Always count on Petra when you booked her for work. I will strongly recommend Petra as a nanny! She is one of few people I would trust taking care of my own kids. The only reasons Petra is leaving us is because of the trip she plans to do and she is always welcome back to us at the preschool. I Will strongly recommend her, she is one of a kind'

'I have worked with Petra since August 2016 - December 2016, and May 2017- We are now working together in the same kindergarten group. She is active and committed to all current work with the children at Kulingen. Petra has a happy and positive attitude towards all children and well liked by educators, children and parents. Petra is flexible, distinct and good at communicating with others. She is always on time and completing her duties on time. Petra wants to work abroad and is therefore ending her employment at Kulingens förskola. I wish Petra all the best in her future work with you.'

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