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Dominika | Meet the nannies | Mayrhofen Childcare & babysitting.

The recruitment season is going strong and we are really excited about the nannies that are applying to work with Alpine Angels Childcare Ltd in winter 17/18. In order to share more about our brilliant nannies with you we will be posting blog posts to let you know more about our individual nannies.

Dominika | Mayrhofen

Mayrhofen Babysitting & childcare nanny

Dominika will be working for us full time in Mayrhofen. She is 26 years old and originally from Slovakia but extensive childcare experience across the world, most recently as an au pair in California for 2 years caring for 3 children under 4 years old. She must have had her hands full but we think this demonstrates her great abilities with children! The family she lived with have given her an excellent reference that you can read for yourself below!

Prior to working in California Dominika worked as an Au Pair in London again looking after 2 young children where she was responsible for the day to day care of the children. As well as working as an Au Pair she also holds a lifeguard certificate and volunteered her skills whilst working in California.

Aside from work she enjoys travelling, swimming, surfing and snowboard. She also speaks fluent English and basic German.

'Dominika has worked as an au pair for our family from July 9, 2015 to the present. Her last day working for us will be July 6, 2017, when her au pair program ends. Dominika has cared for our children, currently ages 6 and twins who are 3, full-time, including preparing meals, dropping off and picking up from school, taking to activities, parks, playdates, etc. She has also been responsible for cleaning up after the children and doing their laundry. Dominika has been a wonderful addition to our family and we are all so sad to see her go.Dominika is wonderful with kids. She has a very calming presence and is extremely patient with the kids, but at the same time they have a great deal of respect for her and enjoy playing with her. She is very responsible and I feel very comfortable leaving my kids in her care. She is proactive and is always finding new fun and educational activities for the kids. She keeps them very active, going to parks, riding bikes, swimming and spends very little time having them watch TV or movies. She does art projects with them and helps my older son with his homework everyday. She is flexible and adaptable and has been an absolute pleasure to have live with our family these past two years. In her two years with us, she has not once been late for a shift or canceled last minute leaving us without childcare. I would 100% recommend her as a nanny and any family would be very lucky to have her care for their kids.The only reason Dominika is leaving our family is that her au pair program and visa are expiring and she must return home. If we could keep her here forever, we most certainly would! '

'Dominika was with us from June until end of December 2014. She took care of our two children, 4 and 1 years old at the time. My daughter was already in school so Dominika's usual day was to prepare her for school in the morning, give them both breakfast and bring her to school. My son was still at home at the time. Dominika used to spend the day with him, take him to the park, put him down for a nap. She had to prepare his lunch and after picking up my daughter also the dinner. She also worked on Saturdays while I went with my daughter to dancing clubs. She was very reliable and what I liked was that she was tidy, kids were always happy and I could see they were well taken care of. She also helped me with some domestic chores if I asked her and she was flexible to work occasionally in the evening when me and my husband were going out for dinner. I never had a personal problem with her and she was never cross with the kids. She handled them in calm manner, what I liked. Dominika left because once my son got a placement in the nursery we no longer needed an au-pair but I have recommended her further. We were happy with her and my daughter kept mentioning her for long time after she left. I trust you will not be disappointed with her.'

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