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Skiing with children | Ten top tips for a fuss free family holiday

Whether its your first family ski holiday or you're all seasoned skiers, a ski holiday with children, especially young ones, can be full of trials and tribulations - from the toddler tantrums you could swear they'd pre planned for ultimate parental embarrassment to continuous asking if they need the toilet only for them to wait until you're at the top of a mountain for them to decide now is the time. Although we can't help in every situation, here's a few tips to try and help you avoid those dreaded parenting moments when you're next skiing......

1. Try to avoid peak periods - If your children are young enough or you're lucky enough to have their holidays fall out of the norm, do your best to avoid the peak holiday periods on the slopes. Aside from the additional costs peak periods tend to incur, it is considerably quieter, resulting in a generally more relaxed environment on the slopes for the whole family.

2. Arrange childcare before hand - Family time away from home can often become intense. Ensure you manage to get some time to yourselves whether its for a meal out, some après or some time on the slopes to hit the harder runs. Alpine Angels offers childcare around the clock so whether your looking for daytime childcare or an overnight sitter its not a problem - just ensure you get in there early before places book up!

3. Keep them warm! - Ensure the children have plenty of warm clothes and a good set of gloves - hands soon get cold when your falling over a lot. Make sure you pack an extra layer just incase.

4. Early introduction - If your child has never experienced skiing before and you've just booked a family ski holiday it may be a good idea to give them a taster before you go - just so they know what to expect! Have a look for an indoor or dry ski slope to allow them to test it out prior.

5. Ski boots - We all know ski boots are not like any other type of shoe we have ever tried! If you can let your child try some on before you go skiing so they get used to how they feel and can work out how to walk in them first!

6. Avoid the hunger - Once a child decides they're hungry there's just no distracting them. Avoid being caught out by that hungry child by ensuring you pack some high energy snacks into your backpack - chocolate, cereal bars & nuts are sure to keep them going through until lunch or dinner and avoid you shelling out for expensive snacks on the mountain.

7. Short sessions - Children find it a lot harder that adults to keep going on the slopes for the whole day. Try and keep it to shorter sessions for them - either morning or afternoons. If you still want to get out for the whole day Alpine Angels Childcare offers both morning and afternoon childcare sessions and can pick up or drop of the children at arranged locations to ensure you make the most of your time on the mountain.

8. Chalets over hotels - For family holidays, especially with younger children, chalets are always the better option. They allow for more of a family home environment with better socialising areas and more privacy. Have a look on our home page at our recommended companies for accommodation in St Anton, Mayrhofen & Kitzbuhel.

9. Entertainment for evenings - When packing, consider taking some games/books/DVD's etc for evenings. After the excitement of the day they are sure to tired but its always best to have some entertaining things to do for that down time back at your accommodation. If you're wanting to head out and leave your children at the chalet all our nannies have plenty of fun ideas/games/crafts up their sleeves!

10. Family friendly resorts - When deciding which resort to book for your family ski holiday ensure you check out what other activities are available around the resort other than skiing. As much as the main aim of the holiday is to ski, the chances are you will want a day off at some point - especially if you're unlucky enough to have some bad weather. Have a look at our other blog posts on St Anton, Mayrhofen & Kitzbuhel to see why they are all great for your next family holiday.

Did you know? - Alpine Angels Childcare Ltd are offering 10% off bookings if you book & pay your deposit before 8th September - just quote SKIWITHKIDS in your enquiry.


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