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Lech & Zurs

We offer exceptional private childcare in the Arlberg. If you want to know more about Lech visit

Prices 22/23
Alpine Angels Prices.png

*For more than 2 children add additional 20%. Max 4 children per nanny (ratios apply)

*During peak weeks we may not be able to provide single days of childcare.

For bookings in Lech/Zurs a €10 surcharge per day is charged to cover travel costs from St Anton for your nanny. On rare occasions where road closures are in situ due to extreme weather it may be we are unable to fulfil all of your booking in which case refunds will be made for cancelled days.


*Please be aware that clients are responsible for providing nannies with meals unless otherwise agreed.

Peak weeks

17/12/2023 | 24/12/2023 | 31/12/2023

11/02/2024 | 18/02/2024 | 25/02/2024

24/03/2024 | 31/03/2024 | 07/04/2024


Please note that the prices above are guidelines, contact us for personalized quotes.


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