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Winter Childcare

About us

Discover the world of Alpine Angels Childcare.

where you can explore our inspiring beginnings, meet our dedicated team, and learn about the core values and aspirations that drive our mission.

Alpine Angels Childcare was founded by Sarah, a registered nurse with experience in both pediatric and adult care, and a background in seasonal ski resort nannying. Today, it is led by Marietta, a dedicated long-term ski resort nanny with a rich background in education. This emerged after recognizing the demand for more family-friendly childcare options in Austrian ski resorts, especially for those seeking alternatives beyond the larger, more commercialized options in France.


Austria holds incredible potential for family adventures, and we are committed to making your visit memorable. Our mission is to serve as a connecting bridge between families and nannies, providing a personalized and cost-effective service that ensures your holiday is as enjoyable as possible. Recognizing the necessity for flexibility in managing the ever-changing dynamics of families, particularly when children are involved, we strive to facilitate meaningful connections.


Our childcare services are curated to take place privately in and around your accommodation, tailored to suit your children's established routines. A typical day involves a variety of activities, both indoor and outdoor, such as arts and crafts, storytime, creative drawing, outdoor play in the snow, and sledding.


As long as we have a nanny with the appropriate expertise, we can connect families with childcare for babies as young as 2 months old.

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