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What areas do you provide your nanny services?

Childcare is provided privately in and around your own accommodation and can be tailored to your children's usual routine. Your nanny will come to your hotel or chalet to look after your children in St Anton, Lech, Zurs or the Arlberg area.

What activities will the nanny do with the children?

A general day will usually include both indoor and outdoor play and activities such as arts & crafts, storybooks, drawing, boardgames, playing in the snow, sledging, rides on the gondola, snowman building and so much more. For the little ones your nanny will follow his/her routine as directed by you. You nanny will keep you updated throughout the day.

Do your nannies have first aid training?

Yes, all our nannies are required to have a children's first aid certificate, ensuring your child's safety during their care.

Can I book a nanny for just one day or evening?

Yes, we offer flexibility in our services. You can book a nanny for a single day or evening, but please keep in mind that during peak weeks, we may have limited availability for single-day bookings.

Will our nanny bring lunch for the children?

We don't provide food for the children, but your nanny will be more than happy to discuss with you their likes and dislikes and pop to the shop to get the things they might need for their week meals. Or she can take the children to a close by restaurant each day. Please note some chalet companies will not allow the use of their kitchen, its important to check with your accommodation provider what they will allow you and your nanny to use.

Can I get a personalized quote for your services?

Absolutely. While we provide guidelines for our prices, we encourage you to contact us for personalized quotes to meet your specific needs.

How do I book your nanny services?

Booking our nanny services is easy. Simply fill out our online booking form, and we'll get back to you to confirm the details.

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