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Summer activities for children

With the 18/19 ski season well behind us here at Alpine Angels Childcare we are already looking to Winter 19/20, but we imagine most parents are only thinking as far forward as the school summer holidays! So we have put together a list of ideas to keep those busy minds entertained for at least some of those long 6 weeks!

1. Outdoor arts & crafts. Summer is a great opportunity to keep the mess outside! Setting up paints or flour dough outside means it really doesn't matter where it gets. Its more exciting for the children and less stress for you.

2. Water activities. Its amazing how long children can be kept entertained with water, pots and pans. Set them up outside with some containers of water and some Tupperware containers. To make it more interesting for them you can add

water soluble food dye to each container of water so they can learn to mix different colours.

3. Make a bug hotel. Exciting to build but also great for children to watch and learn about different animals and insects! Here's a link on how to make one from the RSPB - RSPB bug hotel.

4. Go for a picnic - Get the children to help you make the picnic in the morning then set off to the local park! Taking outdoor games such as a football, bat and ball, or just playing hide and seek can keep them entertained for a whole afternoon!

5. Camping in the garden - You don't need to drive miles to have fun camping. For children its still an adventure in the back garden!

6. Chalk drawing on the patio or pavement - Give them some chalk and let them get creative! It easily washes away afterwards.

7. Love on the rocks - You may or may not have heard of this craze but children seem to love it! Head out to find some rocks, paint them with whatever they like then go and hide them again for someone to find! Follow the Facebook group here!

8. Look for local offers - A lot of places offer children's discounts or offers during summer holidays. Check out your local children's holiday clubs, swimming centres or sports clubs to see what they have on offer!

9. Plant and grow - Take a trip out to the local garden centre and pick something to plant and grow. Its a great learning experience in everyway for children and they can then watch it grow for weeks afterwards!

10. Go to the beach - Hours of fun can be had on a beach with children and in the UK we are never that far from a beach!

Want some more ideas? Have a look on the Unicef Kid Power website.

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