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Helena | Meet the nannies | Kitzbuhel Childcare & babysitting

The recruitment season is going strong and we are really excited about the nannies that are applying to work with Alpine Angels Childcare Ltd in winter 17/18. In order to share more about our brilliant nannies with you we will be posting blog posts to let you know more about our individual nannies.

Helena | Kitzbuhel

First up is Helena - our resident Kitzbuhel nanny!

Helena is 33 years old and is originally from Finland but now lives in Kitzbuhel after moving there to be with her partner last year. Her childcare background is in social work and kindergarten teaching as well as working in a school for children with mental disabilities, in which she has a specific interest in working with. Alongside this work she has also undertaken a course in sign language. Helena also has a good background in first aid after spending time as a military medic - allowing her to deal well with challenging situations.

As well as speaking Finnish as her mother tongue she also speaks fluent English and after studying hard since moving to Austria she also speaks good basic conversational German as well as basic Swedish!

She states that she is always ready to take on new challenges and find ways to help people, as well as considering good communication to be very important to her and in her work.

In her spare time she enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and going to the gym as well as cooking and spending time with family and friends. She is also enjoying exploring her new home in Austria!

After receiving two excellent references for Helena from her previous employers we are positive that upon meeting Helena you will confident and assured in her providing exceptional childcare whilst you enjoy your holiday.


'Working as an assistant for our daughter is extremely demanding considering the severe disabilities and communication challenges our daughter has. Therefore significant knowledge and skills in childcare and child development are required to carry out the work. Even more importantly, it requires reliability, flexibility, ability to take initiative and a positive attitude.

All these attributes are more than well represented in Helena. She has been by far the most reliable and successful of all assistants we have employed (more than twenty) and she has undertaken all the tasks given with a wonderful positive attitude. Helena has thus assisted and guided our daughter in many different activities such as swimming, skiing and various playground and physical activities but also in more domestic tasks such as toilet training, training with a spoon etc.

Helena has always been punctual and we have been able to rely on Helena completely and in any situation. We therefore give our highest recommendations for Helena regarding any tasks related to childcare.

It was with a feeling of loss we wished Helena the best when she decided to move from Finland to Austria. We would have been more than happy to continue her employment.'


'Helena worked as a kindergarten teacher for the 1-3-year-olds and was responsible of the pedagogy in that group. That includes following and documenting the development of each child and planning the activities together with the team. Helena has been a very reliable employee, who has also planned and organized activities for all the children in the kindergarten and their families. She has taken responsibility of planning the early childhood education for our kindergarten and the documents concerning that. She was in charge of the physical education for all groups and has improved the methods of our kindergarten. Helena has made a course for forest pedagogy and has used that to educate the children about nature.

Helena can be trusted to be alone with children and is very good with children of any age. She is flexible and able to manage in changing situations. Helena has a lot of ideas and will always come up with something to do with the children. She is a safe adult for the children. I can definitely recommend her to work as a nanny.

Helena's job agreement ended of her own request, when she decided to move to Austria.'

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