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Helping your child settle with a holiday nanny | Six top tips for when you've booked holiday chi

So you've just booked some childcare for your upcoming family ski holiday but now you're feeling anxious about settling your child with a new nanny AND in a new environment? Fear not! Alpine Angels nannies are fully experienced with these situations and will instantly help put your mind at rest. Until then, here are our 6 top tips for a smooth transition into holiday childcare....

1. A good way to make sure your child

settles better with a new person is to make sure they have some time to adjust whilst you are present. Admittedly this is a lot easier when you are not on holiday but if you have booked some childcare for when you are on holiday then request the nanny to come a little earlier than when you are due to go out. Doing so will allow you child to meet them and settle with them whilst still having you there for comfort. A nanny booked through Alpine Angels Childcare will be more than happy to come earlier on the first day to ensure a smooth transition for both you and your family.

2. When the time does come for you to leave, stay calm! Parents emotions rub off onto children. Try to show your child that there is no need for them to be concerned by acting like you would normally when leaving and trying not to be anxious. Tell them you will be back later and then leave, without going back and forth. Even if they cry your nanny will know what to do & they will be happy playing in no time! The nanny looking after your child will have your phone number and will contact you with any issues. You can also ring them to put your mind at rest throughout the day!

3. Bring some familiar toys & comforts on holiday with you. Familiarity settles children. Having their comfort blanket with them or their favourite toys is a good way to make them feel 'at home' and a little more settled in an unusual environment. They can also work as good distraction techniques when you are leaving.

4. Make sure your nanny knows their routine. Routine is everything, especially with younger children. Ensure you fill out one of the 'Routine' sheets in your client pack to ensure everything happens when you would like it to, including meals, feeds and nap times.

5. When you return and your child is happily playing, ask them about their day and all the fun things they did. Get them to show you the crafts or drawing they did and describe the snowman they made! This will reinforce the fun time they have had and ensure they remember it for the next day or time so they are happy for you to leave again.


6. Ensure your child is prepared with everything they might need whilst you are gone. For a baby ensure there are enough nappies, wipes & milk etc. For a toddler its a good idea to pack a little bag for them for if they go out with the nanny with items such as gloves, a change of clothes, snacks, drink bottle etc. Doing so will ensure everything is to hand for your nanny so there is no upset over cold hands or being hungry!

All our nannies are very experienced in childcare and we know they will instantly put yours and your child's minds at rest for an exciting and memorable holiday in Kitzbuhel, Mayrhofen or St Anton!

If you have any other top tips to share with us tell us about it in the comments below and we will add it in!

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