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Tate will be joining us as a full time nanny for the first time at Alpine Angels this winter. It will be her second year working as a nanny in St Anton though, as she worked with a private family providing childcare last winter! She has lots of childcare experience and has great feedback from her references!


Tate has experience of working with both adults and children with disabilities and special needs.

She has worked on summer camps as a swimming teacher, lifeguard and camp counsellor.


Last winter season she worked as a private nanny in St Anton  for a family living in resort, taking care of their 3 year old daughter.

She is currently caring for a 6 year old girl and a 4 year old boy with cerebral palsy. Her responsibilities include cooking, the school run, playing games, bed times, going to the park and helping the parents split time with each of there children.  


Alongside the above she works with a special needs group supporting young adults with Down-syndrome, Asperger's, Autism and Anxiety. 




Were there any disciplinary issues relating to this candidate? If yes, please explain. No

We take the safeguarding and welfare of children we provide childcare for seriously. Is there any reason you are aware of that would make the candidate unsuitable to work with children? If Yes, please explain. No

Please use the box below to provide the following details: 1. Dates the candidate worked with you. 2. Their responsibilities 3. If the candidate is organised, uses their initiative and works well under pressure 4. If the candidate is co-operative and works well in a team and independantly. 5. If the candidate has good communication skills and is committed to delivering excellent customer service. 6. If the candidate has good time management  7. Any further information you would like to provide or we should be aware of.

1. Winter season 2018/19
2. Care of one 3 year old child on a part time basis (approx 15 hours per week). Responsible for activities, meals/snacks, trips out, supervising toilet, etc.
3. Yes, organised and uses initiative, for example planning activities for the day, such as making a shopping list, going shopping, and then baking a cake. Deals with the pressure of the demands of a 3 year old.
4. Yes, very co-operative and happy working independantly.
5. Good communication with both us and the child, delivered an excellent service for us.
6. Time management good, particularly within the challenges of a snowy ski resort



'Tate has worked at Liquid Leisure for the past three summers, she has been a 

total asset to our team of lifeguards, not only is she observant, attentive, caring 

and full of initiative she is a fantastic team player. 

Tate is always full of great ideas, and copes very well under pressure, this is 

why she was left to supervise the aqua park with my full trust. 


Tate has an amazing way with children, she was in charge of running parties, 

looking after lost children and taking care of those with additional needs 

(special needs co-ordinator). She has a natural way with children whatever 

their needs are and has a way to make each child feel special and give them an 

experience that they will not forget!  


Her enthusiasm and maturity in all her work especially the childcare side, 

never fails to amaze me and we will be very sad to lose her! But she has our 

full support in her career move and there will always be a job for Tate here at 

Liquid Leisure. Despite what Tate gets thrown at her, she will knuckle down and 

overcome every challenge and every hurdle. 


Children would always come off the aqua park with smiles and full of praise for 

how Tate is ‘the best lifeguard ever!’ and she has numerous 5* reviews on trip 



Tate is very punctual and her attendance to shifts is second to none, a very 

reliable member of staff and will always exceed what is expected of her!'


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