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Alpine Angels Childcare takes your child's safety & security with utmost seriousness. This is why we have the below policies, so that if in the extremely unlikely & extraordinary case something did happen then we are prepared and able to resolve the situation in a prompt & professional manner. 



Accident & Injury Policy


Purpose of Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that if an accident occurs whilst a child is under the care of a child carer working through Alpine Angels Childcare, that appropriate action is taken and accurate information is recorded and communicated.

An accident is classed as an occurrence which has resulted in an injury to one or more persons.

Who is Responsible?

It is the responsibility of the child's allocated child carer to ensure that accidents and injuries are dealt with in a timely manner. It is the responsibility of the manager to ensure that all members of staff have knowledge of first aid.

It is the responsibility of the member of staff who has administered the first aid to report the accident to Alpine Angels Childcare and ensure the child's the parent or guardian is aware.

All child carers have a responsibility to ensure that the Alpine Angels Childcare is informed when items from the first aid box are used. A system of recording is in place to ensure that the first aid box is restocked on a regular basis.

How the Policy is Implemented

It is ensured that every child carer working through Alpine Angels childcare is first aid trained - parents or guardians are able to request evidence of this to ensure they are happy with the level of training of each child carer.

Alpine Angels Childcare is responsible for making sure that all medical information and emergency contact details are requested prior to commencement of each booking.

When an accident occurs it is the responsibility of the child carer to determine whether the injury can be dealt with in the setting or if medical assistance is required.

Minor Injuries

If the injury is minor and does not require medical assistance the child carer should address the injury and report the injury to Alpine Angels Childcare. The injury should also be discussed with the child's parent or guardian.

If the injury is minor but requires medical assistance the first aider will take the child to the nearest health centre, along with the child's records. The child carer will also contact the parent or guardian to inform them of the accident and the actions that have been taken. The child carer should inform Alpine Angels Childcare as soon as appropriate.

Serious Accidents and Injuries

If the injury is serious and hospital treatment is required the child carer should call an ambulance immediately and accompany the child to the hospital. Alternatively, if it means the child will receive faster medical attention they should take the child to the resort medical centre. The child's paperwork containing medical information should accompany them to the hospital. The child carer should inform the parent or carer of the child (or an emergency contact) immediately and inform them of the accident and what hospital the child has been taken to.

Recording Accidents

All accidents and injuries, however minor must be reported to Alpine Angels Childcare in order that they can hold records. Parents may have access to their child's injury recording. The accident record should include the following:


 Name of the child


 Date and time of accident


 How the accident occurred


 The extent of the injury


 What treatment if any was given

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