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Hannah, 29 , will be bringing a significant amount of childcare and early childhood teaching experience with her to her role in St Anton. She has a Bachelors in early childhood teaching as well as a Masters of Education, amongst other qualifications. She has experience in working with all ranges of children and describes herself as an 'Experienced teacher with extensive knowledge of primary and early childhood educational theories and practices. Passionate about offering challenging and engaging learning experiences which also support children’s holistic wellbeing. Skillful in creating respectful relationships with children and families in diverse learning environments. Demonstrated ability to successfully take on a range of roles and experiences.' 





'Hannah and I worked together from May 2016 until 2017. Hannah was the Early Childhood Teacher/ Team Leader/ Educational Leader of the Koala room (ages 3-5). Hannah was extremely organised. She arrived to work on time and took the time to set herself up for the day. Hannah ensured that a program was well planned with resources available. This program was ready and available to all staff at the start of each week. CECC was a high passed centre that at times could create a lot of pressure. Hannah addressed all challenges in a calm and respectful manner and worked peacefully to resolve highly stressful situations.
Hannah was a team player. Hannah and myself co-taught and Hannah remained respectful to my practice. Hannah was always willing to listen to new ideas and was also happy to share her own ideas in order to collaborate. Hannah was able to independently lead group times and work with a number of students on a set project.
Hannah quickly formed positive connections with the families of the children that she was teaching. Hannah was cheerful, welcoming and respectful of their views/ideas about their child's learning journey. Hannah included them into their child's learning journey and continued to positively promote CECC in progress.
Hannah demonstrated good time management by being successful in running a daily program that was respectful of the routine for the day. Hannah was also successful in completing admin tasks such as programming, learning stories and observations in a timely manner.
Hannah is a hardworking and wonderful educator who focuses strongly on forming positive connections with the children she is working with. Hannah is a respectful, reliable and nurturing educator who has many wonderful skills that continue to support her to successfully create fun and meaningful learning experiences.'


'Hannah worked regularly as a TRT in our school between 02/02/19 until 11/07/19 and had completed several TRT days previously in 2018. She was a competent and reliable member of our TRT team who was always willing to be involved in school events and activities. She communicated well with staff and parents, leaving detailed notes for teachers at the end of the school day. Hannah came prepared with extra activities and always left a clean and tidy classroom. She was happy to ask questions and show initiative when needed and over her time with us became well known and liked by our students. We wish her all the best in her next role.'

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