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Simone, 29 year old, and now in her second season with us, brings a wealth of experience as a nanny for children of all ages, showcasing her ability to provide exceptional childcare services tailored to individual needs. Growing up in a large family has endowed her with an innate understanding of children and a practical knowledge base that enriches her caregiving approach.

As a dedicated professional, Simone embodies adaptability, respect, and a genuine enthusiasm for fostering fun in every childcare role. She prioritizes creating a safe and nurturing environment where children can flourish and express themselves comfortably. Whether engaging in creative activities, assisting with homework, or simply offering reliable and compassionate care, Simone is committed to leaving a positive impact on the lives of the children under her care.



"To whom it may concern,


I have had the pleasure of having Simone babysit my daughter aged 14 months. Simone cared for her for 2 hours during the day and an additional 2 hours in the evenings 3 days a week while I had to attend to work commitments and personal matters.


Simone is an approachable, caring and nurturing professional who has become a friend of our family through her high level of care for our daughter. I have always felt comfortable leaving my daughter with her and they have formed a lovely bond. I have always appreciated how she has always followed instructions, helped keep our daughter calm and stick to her schedule.


I highly recommend Simone as a babysitter to children of all ages."



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