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Meet Marietta, our fantastic Head Nanny at Alpine Angels Childcare. With six years of dedicated service in St Anton, Marietta's passion for caring for children shines through.

Her background includes teaching, nannying, and even counseling in summer camps, giving her a well-rounded skill set to nurture and engage children of all ages. Whether it's a newborn or a spirited toddler, Marietta's extensive experience and adaptable approach make her an excellent choice for your childcare needs.

She's not just great with kids—Marietta is a multilingual nanny, fluent in Spanish and English, with proficiency in Portuguese and basic French. This linguistic versatility allows her to connect with children from diverse backgrounds effortlessly.

What sets Marietta apart is her artistic flair. She loves to share her creative talents with the kids she cares for, making playtime not only fun but also educational and imaginative. With Marietta, your children will enjoy a world of enriching activities and endless smiles.



"To whom it may concern

Marietta has looked after our children ( 2 boys, aged 5 and7) since July 2019. She is punctual, friendly, enthusiastic and self motivated. Our boys adore her and she has been such an amazing addition  to our family. Allowing us to have some freedom with the security that our children are well looked after in a nurturing environment. I would highly recommend Marietta to care for anyone’s children."



"To Whom It May Concern I am writing to recommend Marietta Hellmund as a nanny at your agency. Marietta worked as a volunteer in one of our schools called Jenaro Aguirre Elorriaga, located in Caracas, Venezuela from 2008 to 2011 teaching English in our Thursday and Friday Program. She is a very diligent and loving woman who took care more than 30 kids at the same time. I’d particularly recommend her in supervising children and caring for their needs. Planning, preparing and serving meals to children. She’s also an artist, she draws incredible, and kids love her for that reason! That captured their attention immediately. Marietta is reliable, went to one of the best schools in Caracas, Venezuela. Has travelled all over the world, so she’s a very cultured person, and definitely she will not only take care of the kids but also she will teach them."

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