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Bronte is a dedicated childcare professional with a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education. With over 6 years of experience working with children, she has served as an assistant educator, after-school care provider, and nanny/au pair. Bronte is a keen and quick learner, always striving to give her absolute best to every task she encounters.

Her commitment to reliability and integrity sets her apart, ensuring a trustworthy and dependable presence in any childcare role. Bronte embraces new challenges, consistently demonstrating a positive attitude and an eagerness to try new things. She firmly believes in never saying no to an opportunity, making her an enthusiastic and adaptable childcare provider.


"Bronte worked for my employers as a full-time, live-in Nanny. She carried out the usual duties for and with the children (b6 g4) getting them ready for school, picking them up & taking them to after school activities, preparing nutritious meals etc.

Much of period of employment was during lockdown and during this time she lived as a very welcome addition to the family “bubble” she was a huge help in finding imaginative ways to keep the keep the children entertained and also assisting with the home-schooling process.

Bronte is a very kind and caring person, who was a pleasure to be around, she was honest and contentious, the children really were sad to see her go as were the whole family"


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