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Jordan is an experienced and dedicated nanny ready to provide exceptional childcare services for the 23/24 Ski Season in St Anton. Originally from South Africa, Jordan brings a passion for childcare and for forming genuine connections with every child under his care.


With extensive experience across various age groups, Jordan takes pride in creating a positive and playful environment tailored to the unique needs of each child. Parents often describe him as kind, compassionate, and caring.


Beyond his childcare expertise, Jordan's love for the outdoors, skiing, and playing in the snow perfectly aligns with the vibrant atmosphere of St Anton. Whether engaging in outdoor activities, playing games, or sharing stories, Jordan is committed to creating meaningful moments during his time with the children.



"This is a confirmation that Jordan was a nanny for me. He looked after my 3 year old and very often his 6 year old cousins!

I cannot recommend Jordan enough.  
The kids LOVED him - my 3 yr old still talks about him! Jordan is an incredibly imaginative nanny and is very present with the kids.


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