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Sofia, 29, is returning to the Arlberg for her second winter and we are very exited to welcome her back.

She is a nurse Midwife with 3 years in the neonatal ICU with premature newborns, 5 years as a lactation consultant, and 2 years Infant Massage Instructor. She has also a passion for teaching and the mountains and thats why she became a ski instructor.

Sofia has wealth of experience with children, working as a nanny, instructor and in hospitals with newborn babies. She can also speak spanish, portuguese, french and she is learning german.

Sofia is id a very motivated and patient person, she is exited to bring her skills and knowledge to create fun-filled days with the kids and make them feel safe and at ease in the new surrondings.




"To Whom It May Concern,

It is with great pleasure that I can recommend Sofia as a nanny. She helped look after my new-born son during last summer and it was an absolute joy to have her be a part of our little family.

She is a warm and kind individual with a big heart, she understood and was empathetic to my concerns about being a new mom showing nothing but compassion and support.

Sofia helped build a positive and nurturing environment whilst not only exceeding in her childcare abilities, she also helped establish bedtime and feeding routines. She was also incredibly helpful when it came to household chores.

As a new mom it is incredibly hard to separate from your new-born leaving them in the care of another, however I never had any doubts or concerns when leaving my little man with her. I was always incredibly confident knowing he would be well nurtured and loved whilst I was away.


I can’t recommend Sofia enough especially for anyone anxious about leaving their little ones for the first time, you should be nothing but confident they are in the best hands possible."

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