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St Anton, Lech & The Arlberg, Austria.


Daisy will be joining us in St Anton this winter offering our clients a nanny with extensive childcare experience as well as a degree in childhood development. She is passionate about working with children which is reflected in her CV. As well as several years working as an Au Pair in Australia and a nanny in the US she has also volunteered in Kenya at a children's foundation and worked as a youth specialist and an early childhood counsellor. 





'I am happy to provide a reference for Daisy. 

Daisy was our family's full time (40 hours/week) nanny for just over two years. She left in August to travel. We were sad to say goodbye but are happy that she is having many new adventures.

I can not think of enough superlatives to describe Daisy. She was always on time, always communicative and professional. Our family consists of three boys, ages 12, 10, and 5, and two busy working parents who work full time, travel for work, and participate in boards and volunteer activities outside of the home. Daisy came in and was a godsend to our family from the very beginning. Her list of responsibilities included:

-> Childcare- being the responsible adult and using good judgement to keep the boys safe and healthy

-> Food shopping, meal prep and planning

-> Homework supervision

-> Playmate-- climb trees, swim, ride skateboards, play sports, do art, make music, hold dance parties, etc.

-> Communications expert- manage communications between the family and teachers, friends, neighbors, and other important people

-> Playdate scheduler

-> Pet care (two cats)

-> Neighborhood kid magnet (we always had a big group of kids that would come over partly to play with our kids, but also to hang with Daisy)


...And probably more that I am missing. Our boys miss Daisy a ton, and our neighbors are constantly asking me how she is doing, and what she is up to.


She is incredibly special, and responsible, and loving, and I would hire her again in a heartbeat

'To Whom It May Concern,


I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Daisy Ranwell.  It is my understanding that she is applying for a position as a nanny with your family and I cannot recommend her highly enough for that position.  I worked as a nanny in {EDIT} for two years in which time Daisy worked for the family next door and I got to know her and her nannying style very well.  Daisy worked for the {EDIT} family who have three very sweet, but also very challenging boys.  Not only did these boys have a lot of energy, as most boys do I suppose, but one of their children dealt with anxiety and another was developmentally behind, definitely making Daisy's job difficult at times.  All that to say, Daisy handled a very challenging position with such grace for about two years, and I had the privilege of watching her pour her heart and energy into those boys every day. 

Daisy as a person radiates kindness and as a nanny she is no different.  She is nurturing, yet stern when necessary.  She knows how to have fun with kids and always keeps safety a top priority.  She greets any challenge presented to her with a positive attitude, goes above and beyond the job requirements, and was truly a joy to work with.  I cannot recommend her highly enough for this position and cannot wait for you to see for yourself what a positive energy she will bring to your home and your children's lives!'