June 11, 2019

A day in the life of a holiday nanny from Evelyn & Bloom

Here in Mallorca there is no end to the variety of the places I have worked over the summer – hotels, villas, apartments, and even for residents of Mallorca in their own homes. I have worked on my own, alongside parents, alongside other nannies, and even alongside housekeepers and cooks. Each family I worked with was lovely, and each situation I worked in was delightful in different ways.

This is a family I worked with multiple times over the two weeks of their holiday – looking after an adorable eighteen month old baby boy in the comfort and luxury of their own villa.

Whilst working with this family, I would be on the bus by 8:30am, with a book or some music by my side to last the journey from Palma to the town the family were staying in. Arriving at the bus stop at 9:30am, I made my way to the family'...

December 12, 2017

Mitzi has spent several winters in Kitzbuhel & knows the resort well. In this time she has worked at the ski school caring for young children including teaching them to ski, helping at meal times and creating activities for them. She has also provided babysitting services for many different families - some of whom you can read a reference from below. 

This summer she has worked in Greece as a nanny for both young children and the elderly  with the job role including planning of different activities, maintaining daily routines & professional relationships with clients and their families. 

Mitzi has lots of caring experience including taking a carers certificate with the Red Cross when caring for her husband and parents following illness. Alongside this she has raised her own children including going through adoption where she was required to support a yo...

November 14, 2017

Marietta will be joining us in St Anton in January as a full time nanny. 

She has several years of teaching and counselling children in Venezuela between 2008-2013 with two families she has provided a regular babysitting service for since moving to Spain from March 2015. Aside from her native Spanish she speaks advanced English and basic French. She enjoys engaging with the children and organising activities for them. Marietta is a fantastic artist which she enjoys sharing with the children she cares for. Other interests include cooking, kitesurfing, snowboarding and graphic design.


'I am writing this recommendation letter for Marietta Hellmund who has worked for me as a nanny for my two sons, ages 11 years old and 7 years old in different trips we have made. I am thrilled with how well she handles them in all the activities they participate and ho...