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Anya, is hard-working, enthusiastic and reliable with over 11 years of experience in people-centered roles, including being a school teacher for the past five years. This has led her to have exceptional organisation and communication skills.

She has extensive experience working with children with various needs, including learning and behavior needs. She has worked with children from all age ranges including babies.


Anya has a master in teaching and learning. She is patient, flexible and great skills in building positive relationships.



"I worked with Anya at Gladstone Primary School in Auckland, New Zealand. I was Anya's mentor teacher when she began working at our school as a year 2 teacher. I've known Anya for several years and she would be a wonderful nanny. Anya's classroom was always fun and upbeat. She loved teaching the children games and songs and the children (and parents) absolutely adored her. She had good routines and was able to provide the classroom with structure, which provided a safe learning environment for her class .... while also having so much fun at the same time. She was also caring and kind. Anya is also very educated and knowledgeable about child development. I trust that these qualities would transfer well into being a nanny. "



"To whom it may concern,
Anya was employed by me as a junior classroom teacher in 2019 when I was Principal at View Road School.
Anya was new to the profession and was just commencing her teaching. She had recently graduated from university. Anya proved herself to be capable in the classroom. With a mentor teacher (standard practice in New Zealand for new graduates) she added to her academic knowledge, learning quickly the process and practical strategies of being well planned for a wide range of learners with diverse needs.
Her class size averaged approximately 25, 6 and 7 year old learners and of these there were a number of
challenging neuro diverse children who for various reasons, struggled in a normal classroom environment.
Anya was creative and innovative utilizing various spaces and creating opportunities that supported all her students to be successful.
Anya had ownership and responsibilities for a full classroom space. Her room was always tidy and attractive for her learners. Her programme varied and engaging.
While with us Anya formed excellent relationships with colleagues, students and families. She is a very easy person to get along with, she is genuinely invested and has a great heart for her learners.
Anya left View Road School of her own volition to continue to explore the teaching profession and work in a different type of school.
I happily endorse her work with young people.

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